Your superhuman sales rep

Most sales teams respond to leads 5 days late, but 82% of leads can't be reached after just 2 hours.

Use your voice and phone number to qualify, score and route leads from forms, ads and calls in 10 mins.

Sales reps close more leads in less time than easy-to-ignore emails. Qualify 100% of your leads, 528 times faster, and at 26 times less cost than a junior sales rep.

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“If I didn’t see it for myself I never would have believed it.
Six-times more clicks per dollar, and I cut my workload by 90%!”

-Victoria, Danby

“Yes, click rates did improve dramatically, but what really got me was the phone finally started ringing.”


82% of leads are unresponsive after 2 hours - 99% after 2 days.
Ask and answer their questions instantly in your voice

Before Callvare

You lose 99% of leads.

With Callvare

You close 4x the leads.

82% of leads expect you to call within 10 minutes. Meet their expectations.

Clients want your help right now, not in hours or days. That is why they fill your forms. They often go with the 1st person to respond to them. Always reach them first, with callvare.

Make custom scripts that keep you top of mind with all leads, easily.

After initial contact, it’s important to keep clients in the know on your latest offering. Send suggestions, or request follow on business. Reach out tastefully, and be rewarded with loyalty.

Answer questions and gather insights with automatic personalized calls.

Whether they make a purchase, or you want more information to help them, let your voice-bot call them and get more details. Help them at their convenience.

Start and close deals faster, and unlock your growth. Simply.

Give clients attention in minutes, and keep them engaged so you can convert more prospects, and get repeat purchases. Save your team from boring busy work, so they can close more deals.

Start seeing results in
minutes, not months.

Growing can be much easier for you. Set up your voicebot, and start engaging clients in your voice while shrinking your sales pipeline.

Pick a pre-trained voice or teach it yours, and Verify your phone number: 5+ minutes.

Set your script and routing rules or use our premade templates: 5+ minutes.

Make a map of your form to enable calls personalized to each lead: 5+ minutes.

Embed an html-tag into your web page and you are set: 5+ minutes

Within seconds, your AI-sales rep starts qualifying and nurturing your leads. Yes!!

Spend your time closing deals.
You are the hero now!

How does Callvare uniquely help
your business?

Save time, grow profits and Close more deals without increasing your marketing costs. Let Callvare meet your clients and prepare them for you.

Callvare supports every way you get high intent leads - Forms, Ads, Calls and CRMs

Activating leads is fast and one million times simpler. Skip the frustration and focus on deals

Your voice-clone and phone number, makes leads know you even before they've met you.

Pricing adapts to your usage and needs, while shrinking your sales cycles. You're welcome.

Superhuman profit acceleration

Close more deals, and boost your profits with your customized sales assistant.

Annual Plan Quaterly Plan



Qualify your leads in 10 minutes with your voice and phone number. All calls personalized for each lead.
Basic onboarding


Up to 100 lead calls/month
$2,100 paid annually
No pilots at this level

Phone assistant with your voice

Calls from your phone number

Calls personalized in realtime

Customizable conversations

Leads called within 10 mins

Delay calls by up to 1 day

Easy installation on site forms

Fire one script per form

Maximum 2 forms

Maximum 2 dashboard users


Help more leads, share files, and chat by MMS, SMS, Whatsapp. Send lead Alerts to your team.
White glove onboarding


Up to 200 lead calls/month
$4,200 paid annually
$1,400 for 3 month pilot

Everything starter has

Start SMS or Whatsapp chats

Alert your team to new leads

Delay calls by up to 30 days

Fire multiple scripts per form

Unlimited forms

Unlimited dashboard users


Score and route leads to key team members. Your leads are called within 1 minute.
Biweekly account review


Up to 350 lead calls/month
$7,560 paid annually
$2,520 for 3 month pilot

Everything standard has

Score and route hot leads

Call in 1 minute. 10x faster!

Trigger sales assistants by API

Delay calls by up to 365 days

Advanced call reporting


Ambitious teams have ambitious technical needs. Get custom solutions to maximize your profit.
Dedicated account manager

Call Us

Unlimited calls
Custom pricing
Custom discounts

Everything superior has

Custom analytics

Custom integrations

Custom tech buildouts

$1.40/extra lead call

$35/month/extra sales assistant

Supercharge your workflow
with optional add-on functionality.

Power up your AI-sales rep, and give your team their own too. Save time, close deals and shrink your sales cycle.

Call retries and voicemails.

Connect to Ads, CRMs and eCommerce

Team wide phone assistants

Call recording and transcripts

Speak in 26 Languages

Inbound calls!

Menus, Carts and Payments.

Nurture clients with calls

Outbound calls!

Start winning leads in 20 minutes, not months.

You kinda need this. No need to beat around the bush

All kinds of businesses
kick butt with Callvare!

Whether you need to qualify leads, notify clients about promotions or encourage repeat purchases, Callvare is what you need.

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DemandGen Teams

Financial Services



Real Estate


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