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Most teams respond to leads 5 days late, but 82% of leads don't pick up after 2 hours. After 2 days 99% drop off.

Qualify, nurture and route hot leads, using human-like call agents. They ask and answer questions for you, so you can focus on your best deals.

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Gain superhuman call powers. Scale them with confidence.

Pick from 10+ pre-built voices, or use your voice

100+ pre-built call scripts or make your own

Retry calls, leave voicemails or send SMS

Share details using SMS / MMS mid-call

Grow globally by supporting 26 languages

Track your performance across all channels

“If I didn’t see it for myself I never would have believed it.
Six-times more clicks per dollar, and I cut my workload by 90%!”

-Victoria, Danby

“Yes, click rates did improve dramatically, but what really got me was the phone finally started ringing.”


82% of leads expect you to call within 10 minutes. Meet their expectations.

Clients want your help right now, not in hours or days. That is why they fill your forms. They often go with the 1st person to respond to them. Always reach them first, with callvare.

Make custom scripts that keep you top of mind with all leads, easily.

After initial contact, it’s important to keep clients in the know on your latest offering. Send suggestions, or request follow on business. Reach out tastefully, and be rewarded with loyalty.

Answer questions and gather insights with automatic personalized calls.

Whether they make a purchase, or you want more information to help them, let your voice-bot call them and get more details. Help them at their convenience.

Start and close deals faster, and unlock your growth. Simply.

Give clients attention in minutes, and keep them engaged so you can convert more prospects, and get repeat purchases. Save your team from boring busy work, so they can close more deals.

Use-cases for applying Callvare
to your business

Save time, grow profits and Close more deals without adding new humans to your teams. Let Callvare start conversations with your leads and keep them warm for you.

Focus your sales team on deals

Start thousands of conversations every month, and find the top ones before focusing your team on them.

Qualify, score and route leads to your team

Answer incoming calls and set appointments

Recover abandoned carts

Retain clients and build loyalty

Keep your customer relationships warm with check-ins and updates. Share information and offers easily.

Auto-nurture customer relationships

Send custom offers to loyal customers

Gather reviews and feedback

Automate client support by phone

Help your customers get answers and regular updates. Learn from them so you can make your business better.

Run customer surveys and interviews

Answer frequently asked questions by phone

Discuss refunds, disputes and complaints

Priced to grow your business

Small businesses can start for free, then use add-ons to adapts to your usage

Before Callvare

You lose 99% of leads.

With Callvare

You close 4x the leads.

Connect every source of leads
into one place

Connect your web forms, ads, phone systems, CRMs or spreadsheets. This way, all yoru leads can be qualified and nurtured from one place. Nourish your CRM data too, to help your teams gain new insights.

Start conversations instantly. Don't wait days.

You need this. Be the early bird and get the deal.

All kinds of businesses
kick butt with Callvare!

Whether you need to qualify leads, notify clients about promotions or encourage repeat purchases, Callvare is what you need.

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